Drunk Driving — DWI, OWI and Drinking Related Crimes

When a drunk driving ticket puts your freedom, employment, or finances at risk you need to choose a DWI Attorney with experience and a track record of success. Intoxicated driving is serious business these days.

Arthur Busch has successfully handled thousands of intoxicated driver cases. If your ticket involves complicated legal issues such as challenges to breathalyzer results, probable cause, field sobriety tests, blood draws or license suspension a competent and experienced DWI or DUI Attorney matters.

A conviction for drunk driving can cost you thousands in fines, increased insurance premiums, driver responsibility fees or loss of work. Arthur Busch has years of experience as a DWI Attorney in courts across Michigan and the Flint and Detroit area.

So if you face a drunk driving ticket in a Michigan court and you need help call us today.


Clearly an arrest for drunk driving can bring dispair and a sense of hopelessness. Some people even say why hire a lawyer? Here is why: A skilled DWI attorney will typically take one of three approaches to your defense and may win!

ATTACK THE REASON FOR THE POLICE STOP. Good lawyers will attack the reasons for the stop as insufficient to prove you were drunk behind the wheel. In one recent case the officer said our client was weaving within his lane of traffic!!! We see a myriad of reasons for traffic stops such as speeding, weaving, improper lane use, failure to dim headlights, having something hanging from your mirror, etc. Any or all of these reasons may have nothing to do with drinking at all. In fact, it is not illegal to weave within your lane of traffic. DWI Attorneys look for the reasons you may have forgot and left your headlights on bright such as you were exhausted after work, you suffered head trauma in the accident, or that your speed was because your odometer was defective. The idea is to show the reasons for your traffic stop had nothing to do whatsoever with intoxication or drinking.

ATTACK THE BLOOD ALCOHOL TEST. High blood alcohol test scores may be the result of improper testing techniques or defective equipment. Police officers are suppose to follow very strict guidelines and procedures when administering a breathalyzer or taking a blood sample. There are rules that govern testing and that is the first place to look for police mistakes. Over the years we have used the failure to observe a suspect for 15 minutes prior to the test to challenge the BAC results. The officer is suppose to make sure the suspect has nothing in his mouth prior to taking the test. Dentures and other dental work can sometimes trap alcoholic beverages in the mouth and cause a BAC to be incorrect. In other instances the machine itself is not properly maintained. Police must keep maintenance logs of their breathalyzer machines to show they are calibrated correctly. Good lawyers obtain those records to use in court to attack the test results if there is a failure to maintain and regularly calibrate the breathalyzer machine.

ATTACK THE FIELD SOBRIETY TESTS. After stopping a suspected drunk driver police routinely ask the driver to submit to various field tests to determine if they are drunk. Walking a line, touching your nose, reciting the alphabet or counting, sometimes the police even shine a flashlight in your eyes to see the movements of your eyes which they claim gauges intoxication. Over 30 years of doing these cases, I have found that many officers lack proper training to administer some of these tests. Often we can show police fail to follow the proper procedures. If you can successfully attack the initial reason of the arrest a Judge would suppress the BAC test results. Without a blood or breath test a prosecutor is in a tough position to obtain a DWI conviction.