Drunk Driving, Traffic and Civil Infraction

Arthur Busch is an experienced lawyer having handling thousand of traffic, speeding, and civil infractions. Over the years Mr. Busch has represented Michigan motorists who have been stopped by police for a variety of traffic ticket violations. Arthur Busch has also represented truck drivers all across the United States who have been stopped for various type highway tickets.

Traffic ticket cases can result in increased insurance rates, fines and in some cases a suspension of your driving privileges. Make sure that before you try to represent yourself on your next speeding ticket you call an veteran lawyer to see if you need competent professional representation. Our fees are affordable and reasonable. In many cases we can talk by telephone and handle your matter from a distance if necessary.


DRUNK DRIVING: Operating While Intoxicated

We represent ordinary motorist and truck drivers in Traffic, Speeding and Civil Infractions Cases.
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We Know The Michigan Motor Vehicle Code

Over many years we have successfully defended hundreds of motorists who have run afoul of the Michigan Motor Vehicle Code. Whether it be a speeding ticket, traffic ticket, or a lane violation our attorneys can help.

Traffic tickets can raise your auto insurance rates, cost you big fines and take your time trying to fight “City Hall”. We are experienced in challenging these tickets and trying to work them out if necessary. Please give us a call today!

You can look up the Michigan Motor Vehicle Code by clicking on the RV to see how the law treats a traffic violation, how many points you might expect or a possible fine.