The Busch Firm Profile

The Busch Firm specializes in criminal defense, DUI, traffic ticket, Will, probate and elderlaw problems. The firm was founded by former Genesee County Prosecutor Arthur A. Busch with Michigan offices in:

  • Genesee County — Grand Blanc
  • Oakland County — Bloomfield Hills, Troy, Novi, Franklin/Southfield
  • Wayne County — Livonia

560_our_legal_team_us_supremesWe have a record of accomplishment and success. Whether it is tackling the toughest murder case or helping an exploited senior citizen, our firm is there to find justice and do so in a way that will make you proud to say we served as your lawyer. This firm and in particular Arthur Busch have been recognized for many legal accomplishments and community activities. Please take time to read below just a few of those accomplishments and we are certain you will see that we are no ordinary law office.



Legal Accomplishments:

A Trip to the Nation’s Highest Court:

Every lawyer dreams of appearing before the United State Supreme Court. That dream came true for Arthur Busch in 2003 when he successfully argued and won a unanimous (9-0) victory in the U.S Supreme Court.

The case, Price v. Vincent involved a gang related school shooting. The Supreme Court accepted the case to review possible violations of the Anti-terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act as well as on habeas corpus grounds. It was the first time a Genesee County criminal case was ever heard by the high court.
Oral Argument in the U.S. Supreme Court Case Price v Vincent
Expertise and Experience Matters:

Mr. Busch has developed expertise as a trial and appellate lawyer while serving as a criminal defense attorney and as the Genesee County Prosecutor. Over his career he has been responsible for over 50,000 felony cases and supervised in excess of 600 death investigations and cases. As a criminal defense attorney Art Busch has handled thousands of drunk driving cases, drug, criminal sexual conduct, embezzlement and weapon matters.

During his 30 years in law practice Arthur Busch has demonstrated a deep commitment to the protection of the elderly. He has fought to protect the rights of elderly clients from financial exploitation by serving on National Association of Counties Committee seeking to prevent elder abuse, handling cases on behalf of families of the elderly who have been exploited. He is experienced in Probate litigation, guardianships, conservatorships and the handling of estate matters.


Legal Accomplishments:

Winning in the Michigan Supreme Court:

Mr. Busch has also argued as a criminal defense attorney and won cases before the Michigan Supreme Court. In 2008, in People v. Jarron George, Attorney Busch convinced the Michigan Supreme Court to reverse a conviction by an Oakland County (MI) jury. The man had been convicted of Criminal Sexual Conduct First Degree and given a long prison sentence.

Mr. Busch was successful arguing People v. Clarence Moore in the Michigan Supreme Court. That case involved murder and weapons charges. The court found that a person could be charged and convicted with having a firearm during the commission of a felony on the theory of aiding and abetting the actual shooter. In this case, two men were involved in the killing of another. Defendant Moore was convicted by a jury of aiding and abetting in the murder and possessing the firearm.

In 2008, Mr. Busch had a very successful result as a criminal defense attorney in obtaining justice when the Michigan Supreme Court Court ordered a remand of a decision of the Michigan Court of Appeals in People v. Coleman, from a Genesee County jury conviction. The case involved multiple counts of sexual computer crimes including child pornography. Mr. Busch challenged the admission of evidence obtained in the search of the Defendant’s home and eventually won.

As a zealous criminal defense attorney, Mr. Busch has obtained favorable results in dozens of serious felony matters including:

  • First Degree Murder
  • Embezzelment
  • Retail Fraud
  • Felonious Assault
  • Drunk Driving
  • Computer Crimes
  • Domestic Violence
  • Health Care Fraud.

Since his return to private practice in 2005, Mr. Busch has handled many high profile criminal and civil cases. Examples of these cases included a contactor accused of fraud in the construction of Flushing City Hall, defending the Flint City Mayor and his wife who is a prominent automobile dealer in a civil suit brought against them by the former general manager of their automobile dealership, graffiti artists charged with destroying public property in Flushing and Grand Blanc and a high school student involved in an automobile accident that killed a Correctional Officer and another teenager.

Mr. Busch has had a distinguished career representing various governmental entities, corporations and labor organizations. He has served as legal and labor counsel for two Mayors of the City of Flint. He has also served as legal counsel for the City Counsel of Flint, Michigan. He has also represented the Charter Township of Mt. Morris.

A Trendsetter with a Winning Record:

Arthur Busch has be willing to fight for his clients and take on the law to change it or to obtain the right results in his 30 year career. Over those years he had many legal firsts including:

  • Successfully prosecuted the largest number of people in a single murder prosecution in the Michigan history. Twenty one (21) men were charged and convicted in connection with the gand related murder of young 13 year old Flint teenager CJ Wright;
  • Convicted public officials in connection with violated the Open Meetings Act;
  • Bringing the first felony Animal Cruelty conviction in Michigan;
  • The first to use and win Racketeering (RICO) convictions under the Michigan statute against a street gang (The Insane Spanish Cobras);
  • The first to win a criminal Gender Intimidation conviction in Michigan by prosecuting a local police chief who sexually harrassed and groped a female subordinate;
  • Started a felony child support prosecution program recovering in excess of $3 million dollars for children.

Courtroom Trials and Activity:

  • Lead prosecutor in the C.J. Wright murder case. Prosecution resulted in convictions of 21 people in connection with the slaying of a 13 year old boy.
  • Bonner Park Case……..convicted five men in connection with the murder and shootings of three Oakland County teenagers who hopped a freight train to Flint and got off in the wrong place.
  • People v Connell Howard……convicted a man in connection with the murders of two Flushing real estate agents. This case was controversial and resulted in a hung jury the first time. A first degree murder conviction was obtained the second trial.
  • People vs. Deonte Davis. Lead trial attorney in a triple murder, double jury trial. Convicted two men in the murders of a mother (Shiela Jones) and her two children ages 4 and 7 years old.
  • People vs. Lambert and People vs. Robert Bigelow. Lead trial lawyer. Convicted two men in the heinous crime of killing a 97 year old woman (Alma Malzon) during a burglary of her south side Flint home.
  • People vs. George Crear………… convicted this Flint School teacher after he was acquitted in Miami on similar charges of molesting school girls. This case received national attention for the excellent work of my office.

222_Michael_Me_Nov_2000Special Recognition & Awards:

Genesee County Humane Society
Project Home Safe Foundation
Concerned Pastors for Social Action (Flint, Michigan)
Genesee County (MI) Parks and Recreation Commission



Other Accomplishments:

Mr. Busch has lectured extensively on legal topics and public policy issues at colleges and universities as well as to numerous groups including police, prosecutors, business associations and other community groups.

During his tenure as Prosecutor, Mr. Busch was one of Michigan’s most visible prosecutors. He prosecutions earned him a reputation as one of America’s most innovative prosecutors.

Mr. Busch has continued his distinguished career in private practice. He has continued to win criminal cases in the Michigan Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. He has represented thousands of people accused of felony and misdemeanor offenses.

Media and Film Appearances

Arthur Busch appeared on camera in the Academy Award winning feature documentary movie Bowling for Columbine (2003). He also provided assistance to filmmaker Michael Moore for the popular feature movies “Bowling for Columbine” and “Ferinheit 911″.

He has appeared as a guest on numerous local, state, national and international news programs including Good Morning America, The Today Show, BBC World News, European Skylink Television Network News, 60 Minutes, Dateline-NBC, Geraldo Rivera Live, Montel Williams Show, CNN Burden of Proof, Court TV, CBS, ABC and NBC Evening News, ABC’s Nightline, ABC’s 20/20 Downtown, Hard Copy, American Journal, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN Headline News and many others.

Mr. Busch’s successful cases have been featured in America’s most prominent print publications included Time Magazine, People Magazine, Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report, New York Times, Washington Post, New York Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Atlanta Constitution, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald and the Dallas Morning Star just to name a few.